About Us

We are a team of passionate individuals across high tech and the medical profession committed to transforming how medical services are delivered to our community.  We believe by leveraging the latest medical research with the right technology to deliver the service, we can radically reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone across America....one patient at a time.  Our Mission is to provide everyone the freedom and access to quality healthcare, especially those with chronic illnesses who can not afford quality care today.

Our Team

Dr. Sean Parsa has over 30 years practicing medicine all over the world.  He is passionate about helping his patients live better, healthier lives.  He is a student of medicine reading every medical journal and research paper he can get his hands on.  Sean received his MD from the University of Hawaii in 2004 and Stanford School of Medicine in 2010.  He lives with his wife in Los Gatos, CA.

Jay Remley has over 25 years of executive leadership roles in High Tech leading global teams for Fortune 100 companies such as Google and Seagate as well as VC funded start-ups in Silicon Valley.  Jay also has 20+ years experience leading efforts in the autoimmune and lupus communities advising genomics, pharmaceutical, and national patient advocacy groups.  Jay's wife was diagnosed with lupus in 1993 and he's been on a personal mission to find a cure and help patients suffering from all chronic illnesses to live better.  Jay lives in Los Gatos, CA with his wife and 2 children.

Denzil Wessels has over 20 years leading product management and technical teams in Silicon Valley.  He held senior product management roles at Zscaler and playing a key role in their success from private company to IPO in 2018.  After several years of health challenges, Denzil was diagnosed with lupus by Dr. Parsa.  Ever since properly diagnosed, Denzil has been able to manage his lupus and return to normal day-to-day activities.  Denzil lives in Los Gatos, CA with his wife and 2 children.