COVID Self-Checker
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Fight COVID-19 in 3 Steps.

Step 1.

Build Your Immune System

  • You can find these supplements at your local pharmacy 


* We recommend Non GMO/ organic and       gluten free vitamins

* We have a referral agreement with     Walgreens.  100% of our revenue share from   Walgreens will be donated to Lupus   Foundation.

Step 2.

Test Your Oxygen Level
  • If any respiratory issues, such as shortness of breath or trouble breathing, then: ​​

    • Test your oxygen level using a pulse oximeter. If oxygen level is below 92%, then go to step 3. ​

  • You can purchase pulse oximeter at your local pharmacy for $35-$60.


    *If  experiencing fever, take Tylenol/Paracetamol ONLY for pain and/or fever. 

 Advil or Ibuprofen are not recommended


Step 3.

Seek Medical Assistance
  • If experiencing respiratory issues and oxygen level drops below 92%, then seek immediate medical advice. 

  • Contact your physician or local urgent care.



  • Click HERE for tele-medicine session with Dr. Parsa.

Our Mission

Our goal is to enable our lupus community with the knowledge and resources to live healthy and active lives.  We want to make sure all of our members are in the loop on the latest information and access to medical professionals to help them during times of uncertainty and when needed most.  We leverage technology and the latest medical resources to deliver the best experience at the lowest cost, starting with Lupus Warriors.  


" Dr. Parsa is a great physician. I had been visited with Dr Parsa from 2012 till now. He is the only doctor that I can trust completely based on his diagnosis. He would always allow my family and I ample time to explain our problems."
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